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My last entry (dated May 2009 because of some issues with my schedule) advised advertisers of the benefit of rel=nofollow for advertising that respects Google’s guidelines and can still bring good traffic and rankings to companies’ websites.

Today’s article, however, focuses on the benefits of rel=nofollow usage for bloggers. Perhaps not many are aware of the importance of PageRank sculpting inside a blog structure, but this post aims at putting emphasis on this and other factors bloggers should be more conscious about.

rel=nofollow for a clean link structure

Many a blogger complain about Google assigning a low PageRank to their homepage. However, did you know that you could influence that rank with a simple rel tag attached to links directed to your less important pages? In fact, rel=nofollow can be wisely applied to exclude many unworthy links on our site (not just external links, but useless internal links as well, such like WordPress administration, archive pages, categories, hub pages, etc.) and therefore avoid precious link juice to leak from the homepage to these internal pages. Blog widgets, buttons and all that jazz can be easily nofollow’ed as well.

rel=nofollow for paid links

According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, selling paid links that pass PageRank is not a clever idea, especially when such links are not related to your blog niche and content in any way. Google encourages the use of rel=nofollow on paid links, so that they won’t influence search engine SERPs. However, advertisers would still get a lot of benefits from the link, as web life is not all about PageRank.

rel=nofollow for a‭ ‬full control over your links

You know which posts and pages need the most link juice flowing. As I said earlier in this article, you should really avoid passing PageRank to useless pages within your site, and to widgets and services you use. Have more control over your link structure, as well as over external links: you may have accepted a link exchange with an old school buddy and with a carpet cleaning company blog, but you should know as well which one deserves a clean link and who gets the nofollow instead.

To maintain link relevancy within your website, while not using nofollow, opt for the XNF link relationship MicroFormats: use rel='friend met' when you link to a friend’s blog; use rel='colleague met' when you link to a colleague that works for your same company.

One further recommendation is to keep outbound links at a minimum per page; no more than 10 links in total. If you have more, they should be nofollow’ed.

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