6 SEM Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Planning your SEM (Search Engine Marketing) strategy can require time and in-depth analysis, sometimes money too, but nothing is wasted if your plan is drawn up carefully, your actions well-thought.

In this post I want to point at 6 SEM factors you need to keep in mind to succeed.

1. What type of advertising strategy?

Whom are your products or services targeted to? What are the interests, preferences, language of your target audience? These questions are crucial, and they constitute the first step in planning an effective advertising strategy. Remember that untargeted advertising may receive more clicks, more views, but very little or no conversion.

2. Should I use Social Media Marketing?

I suggest you do. Social Media has seen a boom over the last three years, many companies found out products sell better when they get in touch with potential and returning customers and that news about your services spread faster over the globe. And yes, your company blog gains better SE positions. See how far search engine marketing in the Middle East has gone.

3. B2B or B2C?

Your strategy must take this difference in consideration. I mentioned a target audience earlier in this post, and well, this is another angle to think about: B2B requires more professionalism, more to-the-point facts and less advertising than B2C, because companies look for specific products and services and are less keen to spend time reading advertorials.

4. How should I manage Keyword Visibility?

Pick your relevant keywords and stick with them. Connect them to your company website and share them on Social Media, discussion forums, signatures, business cards, AdWords and AdSense campaigns. Remember to pick keywords with the least competition possible, so that they will end up characterizing your company.

5. How should I attract new customers?

Create Social Media profiles and share your products and services to potentially interested users (Social Media allow for interest-based user search). Be careful to keep it relevant, never make it sound as spam.

6. How can I keep returning customers?

Engage on Social Media conversations. Returning customers are particularly sensitive to companies’s feedback after they make a purchase from them, and feedback from the company may quicken a fidelization of the customer.

An example infographics, involving Social Media, Email and Keyword Marketing:

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