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Recently I followed a new company on LinkedIn, called Direct Agents. This is a digital marketing agency founded in 2003 that focuses on custom lead generation services based on performance. They want to help Advertisers acquire new customers and sell more online.

I like the dynamicity of this company’s goals. The marketplace is forever changing and sometimes new companies have trouble catching up with the novelties to keep their business plans going. A good helping hand can save the sales with prospect email marketing and Facebook advertising, for instance.

The fact that they have Folica.com and Forbes among their clients means something.

Publishers get their share, too, so Direct Agents might be worth trying in that sense. Usually publishers get a very low commission on their actions (search, email and social media), but this service is promising on the base of its results: the more satisfied the clients, the more money comes in, the more there is for the publisher.

The tracking system is worth exploring.

Overall, the whole company is worth following.

NOTE: I signed up as a Publisher, so I will post an update here once I collected enough data on my experience.

Originally posted on: Written on October 18, 2012, Thursday

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