Nofollow Links Benefits for Advertisers (They Work, You Know?)

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There has been a lot of debate recently on the role of nofollow links in paid posts.

Since Google started to pull down PageRank of bloggers who were selling links on their pages, a lot has been said and done to avoid a repeat of these events: links removal, subtle ways to hide the purpose of these links in a blog page with headings like ‘partners’ or ‘related links’ on sidebar and posts. Or, conversely, using a site wide disclosure of paid posting activity.

It must be said, though, that the above mentioned methods don’t really work, or maybe they only work until a certain degree: removing links will eventually get blog advertising networks and advertisers mad at bloggers for breaking their rules, and Google knows both disclosure and subtle headings all too well nowadays, so these methods wind up penalizing a blogger’s site rank instead of preserving it.

So, where is the compromise here?

Google clearly said they have nothing against paid links and blog advertising — what they’re against is the  manipulation of PageRank in ways that are not natural and content-based.

This isn’t strange, because paid posts are often totally far from a blog’s main content: think of it as an adult TV ad inserted into a series of kid/toy related ads in between anime shows. Kind of inappropriate, wouldn’t it be? Well, this is exactly what happens with paid posts written on the wrong niche blog.

Simply put, the real problem with paid advertising is not inexperienced bloggers — it’s advertisers. Because advertisers don’t take Google guidelines in sufficient consideration. Google doesn’t allow artificial manipulation of PageRank, so the only way for advertisers to buy links is to let bloggers add a nofollow tag.

Now, most advertisers will complain that they are not looking for traffic or to spread the word about their product — what they’re after is PR juice.

So you see, dear advertisers, the problem often begins with your choice of action.

With the hope of helping both advertisers and bloggers understand this issue and take action for it, I’m going to share a list of pros and cons of dofollow/nofollow choice. The current post will only focus on advertiser benefits; next entry will be dedicated to bloggers :)

Dofollow/Nofollow Pros & Cons

But of course, I realize that advertisers also look for PageRank boost somehow too. The thing is – there are a number of ways for advertisers to get a healthy PR increase:

Well, I hope I explained everything clearly in this article. Feedback is highly appreciated and it will be valuated for possible improvements of On my next entry I shall write down a list of nofollow SEO benefits for bloggers. Stay tuned!

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Originally posted on: Written on May 16, 2009, Saturday

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